For starters torrents are like address of a house over the internet and different parts of the house are combined from different houses to build our own house.

Torrenting works on a peer to peer connection, If I have a file my computer, it will upload for another user who is simultaneously downloading that file. There are no dedicated servers for torrents making it highly unreliable.

So don’t depend on torrenting 



What here defines as illegal?

Anything to which you don’t have the legal rights to directly download to your PC and not the source itself you are downloading from. 

For example you are downloading a movie from a website , and it’s been illegally uploaded but you have the rights for it(not saying through Netflix or a unit rights) but literally the movie rights then you can download it staying within the law.

But for example you try to download a file to which you don’t have the legal rights then of course it’s illegal and you should stay away from it.


At times downloading torrents are as legal as free speech in the US.

Many big software brands make their products available to download in the form of Torrents. Take an example of Kali Linux here. 

As you can see there is an option to download via torrent so does it makes it illegal/pirated?

Absolutely no. 


Torrents are legal but sharing illegal or copyrighted materials through it is illegal.

So stay safe and please use a VPN while visiting any torrenting website for your own good.


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