Cheapest Hosting Might Not Always BE Good But This One Is DIFFERENT.

The Cloud 1 plan by shark hosting provides a massive 10Tb of storage with Unlimited data transfer for your website at only 8 USD and not for a month, but that’s Yearly price.

I have been using their service for more than three months for my website now, and Let me share my 2 cents on whether this hosting is worth buying or is a waste of your hard-earned money.

They are in business since 2015, so it is not a scam if you were thinking because of the service they offer you to provide seeing the cost.

Whatsoever there are no hidden costs SSL is free, and for Cpanel, you do not have to pay a single penny extra. Everything is included in the main price, which is 6 pounds for the hosting and 0.5 pounds for the setup estimating to roughly eight and a half USD. They are offering a 50% discount on their Cloud 1 hosting with coupon code-YES50 or you can try this Only 3 Pounds for 3 Years Of Unlimited Hosting

Now back to the review, Installing WordPress is no big deal thanks to the  1-click install option in Cpanel along with a ton load of many other installations.

You can create and host unlimited Subdomains of your website.

The email system is pretty easy to use, even for a beginner.

There are many guides on setting up Cpanel if you are new to the Website development field.

Hostings with dedicated Cpanel generally costs more.

Their recurring fee is the same, unlike the big players out there keeping the 1st year cost to a minimum, then increasing the Renewal cost up to the sky.

Enough on paper stuff let's talk about specifics:

The server they provide are shared ones. So I will think twice before deploying a website of high value on a shared server.

But at this price, you will definitely not get a dedicated server to host your website.

They give free DDoS protection with a 24/7 Live Chat, which is pretty responsive and will solve your problems quickly (from my personal experience).

They took only 2 hours to set up my hosting. And just too sweet things a bit they offer a 30 days Money Back guarantee which I did not personally test.

They too provide Weekly backups at no extra costs.

This review is just going positive for shark Hosting.

But can be this cheap and this good both at the same time without any flaws?

Here comes a big bummer the initial server time is not surprising but still not that bad for the price.

The average response time is not at all bad if you integrate CloudFlare after which is acceptable for a small blog or a not so budgeted website but if you want a quick site to consider going for hostings like Bluehost.

There’s nothing wrong with the hosting. It gives more than enough features for the price and especially after the 50% off coupon its just a morning coffee for many out there.

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