We Know LG G8X Has A Bad Front Camera!

I am aware of the bad camera quality of the LG G8x .

And the main reason of that is because they set the Focus to Infinity. 

Now there’s nothing we can do about the Infinity focus part but using a GCam can make it better.

We already featured GCam on this blog here.

But this one is different, This one is ONLY FOR SELFIES.

This is Capped at 8MP and 1080p 30FPS for video Recording and nothing more.

But trust me when I say this “This produces far superior Front Camera Quality than Any”.

If you installed this GCam , no worries bot the Gcams will co exist together

If you installed this GCam , no worries both the Gcams will co-exist together.

See the Image

The Camera marked in Red is the one which we just installed

And the Marked in the Yellow is the Gcam which we installed previously which is best in all scenarios.

Installation Process

The installation is simple.

Just Download the File from below. Use the alternative link if the main file does not work.

(I am not the owner of the files, these are uploaded by their respective developers. )

Now After Download Just click on the APK and install it like any other application (Turn off Trusted Sources if a warning appears).

Use it with ease but only of Selfe because it’s rear camera is not good with this variant of GCam.

The GCam for Rear Image and Videos with NightSight here.


This GCam is only Good With Selfies and it operates at 8MP still better than LG's Stock Camera App which shoots at 32 MP


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