Best Gcam For LG G8x

This is going to be my personal device. And I needed a Stable Gcam Port for my device. In search of it I installed like 10-15 different ports and I found this one be be the best.

How To Install It?

Download The GCam HERE

Download the Circled File

Now Click On Configs For This Version

Select The Model as LG G8S.

Don’t Worry it will work Fine with LG G8x.

Tried and Tested

Now That you have downloaded both the files.


Install the APK File. After Installation Don’t Open IT!

In your Root directory Create a folder named GCam and inside it make another folder named Configs7 inside the GCam folder

Now copy that XML file(2nd file).


Now open Your Gcam. Double click on the space between photos and camera Shutter.

Double Tap on the area where its marked RED on the image for reference.

Now select the XML file and click on Restore.

Now your Config has been saved.

You can tweak some setting on your own now in the setting tab from Top to your likings.

A detailed Guide doing the same in Hindi:


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