This is a GCam , Specifically for Selfies and nothing other than that. This will give you far more better performance than any other Google Camera App
I tried Like 10-15 different Gcams and this one is the best amongst em.
Which Charger to use? Best Case? Whats's in the box? Every Question Answer here in a Serial Order!
After Market CPU Cooler is a very Under Rated Component of a Budget PC Build. This is a list of CPU Cooler you can get without burning a hole in your Wallet.
Laptops are extremely popular for many different reasons. Being able to work, surf the net, or play games almost anywhere provides significant value to many.
A list of best high end laptops readily available in India to purchase right from that too having a bang for your buck.
These are the best Gaming / Video Editing Laptops you can find online which includes laptops from Acer, Asus, HP and many more
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