A true fact: Stock CPU Coolers or sometimes termed as wraith coolers sucks. These are the CPU coolers generally included in the box.  Although they are not that bad if you are on a low budged but if can squeeze 20-40$ for your costly CPU just to increase it’s lifetime then you are a Good PC owner.

Just to keep in mind you won’t be able to hardcore overclock your CPU with these coolers. You will need a Water Cooler for that purpose.

All the coolers on the list are compatible with most of the sockets. But be sure to double check before ordering.



For starters this is amongst the best. This is cheap and provides a decent cooling nothing extraordinary though.

It has only 1 color which is blue. Although if you can spare a few more bucks you can get a RGB one or from a more reputed brand with better performance

Well, look what we have here! A decent CPU cooling fat with amazing RGB!!!

The Fan speed is : 1200-2000 RPM

The coolers looks dope if your case has tempered class.

And that black and white fans looks awesome if you decide to turn off the RGB.

For approximate price of 1500/- INR , this is a steal deal!

It lacks for that RGB but it makes it up in the Build Quality.

The build quality of this CPU cooler is fantastic the cooling block is massive so not every case can support, be sure to check the dimensions of your case with the cooler’s before ordering one.

Personally I am not a fan of their Fan’s LOGO (pun intended).

Now if you have the budget and you want something funky then this is your guy.

The fan RPM is only 1500 which is less than the previous one and it makes more noise than the previous Deepcool CPU . But still if you want RGB you can go for it just remember there are better out there at same or lower price.

Time for the big player to enter the ring.

If you can squeeze your pocked a little bit then I would definitely recommend this CPU Cooler for optimum performance , Durability, Customer Support and Satisfaction.

Although it does not has any RGB but that red light does not disappoint one. It is more than enough for the performance it offers!

This is the most costly CPU cooler in this list and Yeah it is fantastic.

But does it’s performance justifies it’s price?

Well, Yes and No.

There are many less known brand Water AIO Coolers available at this price if you can fit a radiator.

But some folks out there prefer Air Cooler over Water cooler and this product targets those people.

No RGB, 6 copper heat pipes and a massive Cooling Block.

Choose Your Pick Wisely. Research Whether the block fits your case and your motherboard socket or not.


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