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Yes you will get a free domain for 5 years, be it a .com,.net and much more


My website is running on the free domain 


1. Go to


2. Make an account( real name not required)


3. Click on your profile > account>settings>domain>find a domain


4. select a domain with a price below 25 USD


5. Now fill your address and use Paypal and turn off auto. payments(for safety). or use any international transaction enabled debit or credit card.


6.Now all you have to do is publish your page through MailChimp’s website editor(Which sucks) at least once


7. Now to forward your domain to your hosting/server contact support from feedback option and ask them to forward to respective IP or change name servers and withing 24 hours you are done…


If anything goes wrong you will get a free domain for at least a year. And then you can register it with any other registrar


Leave a comment here or on my video for any instructional part or if you have any help or didn’t understand any part, I will be more than happy to help you all.


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